About us

We are excited to announce our debut into the world of fine and ethnic jewelry this year. we host a major jewelry depot of modish chic designs from various brands of international repute. We also love to showcase in our house of jewelry some top collections fresh from the stable of world renowned designers.
Our online collection also includes all the world-famous and in-house jewelry under several categories like Ethnic jewelry, Fine jewelry, Bangles, Bracelets, Earrings, and Rings. We sell these remarkable collections at the best prices possible with attractive discounts. Anyone who loves to buy jewelry is most invited to visit our exclusive store in the posh downtown of the United States in addition to shopping for them online. We know for a fact that you will be in for a great visual treat as you indulge your senses in the exquisite resplendent beauties of our statement jewelry.
We always breathe life into new designs that have their ethnic roots and are crafted by expert artisans at any of our workshops in the US. With great reverence to ancient styles and cultural traditions combined with local ways of creating things, we create exceptional handmade jewelry at all our workshops. We believe equally in both the ancient production methods of jewelry as well as the modern techniques. We as well ensure to preserve and recycle antique jewelry to enact modern designs.
We also see that the future belongs to the era of fusion jewelry. Replete with designer jewelry wear and in-house artisans’ creations of global standards, our jewelry doesn’t make you feel out of place in spite of flashing its ‘debutante’ label.
Stop by at our AriaStop.com to witness outstanding designs in finely crafted jewelry in all its elegance and style sans pareil.